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A cookie is a text file that our web server asks to store on your computer, and that makes it possible to save your personal settings for the next time you visit our website.  Cookies are used to gather statistics regarding, among other things, web browsers, number of visits, and page views.  These statistics give us an overview of our website’s visitors and are used to help us better develop our website to fit our users’ needs.  All the information that we gather from cookies is anonymous.

Sometimes we also use cookies from other companies in order to facilitate traffic measurements and conduct market research. These text files come from StickerPack’s partners and technical providers.


  • Save personal settings
  • Improve our webpage by analyzing how it is used
  • Monitor if our users have logged in
  • Count out website’s total number of users and reach
  • Traffic flow analysis with third party tools, such as Google Analytics

You can turn off or limit this website’s use of cookies by adjusting the settings in your web browser.  You can find more information on how this is done in your web browser’s help menu.  Please note that turning off cookies will also turn off some of the features of our website. 

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